Lockeland Leatherworks was born from the desire to restore appreciation for quality, handmade goods. Inspired by the palpable sense of nostalgia found in Nashville, Tennessee - Each piece is thoughtfully designed through the eyes of a modern maker, and carefully crafted with age-old techniques. Using only the finest materials, Lockeland Leatherworks creates timeless, long-lasting leather goods that you'll be proud to carry and pass on for generations.


Raw Materials

Raw Materials

Each creation from Lockeland Leatherworks begins with finest raw materials; Sourcing leathers from U.S. Tanneries such as The Horween Leather Company in Chicago, Illinois and Wickett & Craig of America in Curwensville, Pennsylvania.

Hand Clicking


Always remember to measure twice and cut once. Each component to every creation is patiently shaped by hand, a technique once known as "clicking."



With the leather clicked to its final shape, the raw edges are beveled to remove the squared corners, resulting in a more shapely, rounded edge.



Assembly begins once each component is clicked, beveled, and burnished. Every stitch line is reinforced with all-natural adhesive to guarantee years upon years of use. The edges are then sanded flush and prepared for stitching.

Saddle Stitching

The Process - Saddle Stitching

The most intensive step of the leather crafting process - Saddle stitching is a time-tested technique and has been proven as a superior method in leather crafting. Each stitch is laid by hand, ensuring strength and longevity.


Finally, the edges are burnished - A process which uses friction to polish the exposed raw leather edges, creating a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

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